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 My Words for Everyone

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PostSubject: My Words for Everyone   Mon Jul 09, 2007 9:35 am

After the mishap event with Pza yesterday, I want to have some words with all of you. First, I repeat again “THIS IS A GAME”. The purpose of gaming is to give you some fun to clear up your mind from whatever problem you have in your daily life. So please don’t let the game be another problem in your life.

Second, I always stood behind Pza in the past, but what he’s done yesterday I don’t agree with his action. I know he is a nice guy, but he lets people screw up his mind. He has let the problems in the game into his daily life. Sad!!! I tried, but his choice, and I have to respect that. However, what you did yesterday is wrong, and I think he own FB an apology. (JFD is his problem; he has the right to deal with it the way he wants. So leave it to him).

Last, as for PK in Blood Plain, it is part of the game. If you got PK, don’t take it personal, instead considering it as a challenge for you. Go to grind harder. Then you go back to challenge the same person. Keep doing it ‘till you reach your goal.

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PostSubject: Re: My Words for Everyone   Mon Jul 09, 2007 3:37 pm

You are entitled to your opinion Mo and I respect that. But the fact is that I deal with real people in this game day to day. Its not some AI playing, well maybe there is AI nostromo healers ; - ), but there are people behind the charachter. My approach works for me and your approach works for you and we always cool.

FB I need to talk to you but it is not appropriate to post on the forum. Just know I am sorry and there were a lot of things that led up to me leaving not just one event, I needed some time to focus. I would reccomend you take someone that is powerful in my place and that levels fast. I am niether powerful nor a fast leveler and would respect the decision to be replaced. But even though I disagree with PK you are a great group that I would be honered to be with again. The decision is yours to make there are no hard feelings either way.

As for PK in Blood Plain I disagree with the kill all approach. We dont need to show our power by killin other players, we must maintain our respect. Killing someone without asking is disrespectful or ganging up on one person is unfair. We must at the bear bones level be fair and respectful, that's all I ask. As for players killin people with penalties in safezone, I cannot respect that, go ahead and give them the ax. We must find some middle ground, but remember be fair and respectful everywhere in the game. That is what I suggest take it or leave it.

Thank you MoSai for adressing this. And thank you for those who read it.

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My Words for Everyone
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